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Unboxing Fairyloot's 'Enchanted Forest'

Hey, its been a while since I did an unboxing post, partly because I got busy but I did enjoy doing them and being able to highlight some great pieces and some truly beautiful books! So on Saturday, after a long day I came home to a delivery of the October YA Fairyloot box and upon opening it, I knew I had to get back into doing these posts because I just loved it.

What I think Fairyloot have done really well with this box is curate a bunch of items that fit the Enchanted Forest theme, and are cute and homely. I think they can all be seen as useful in some ways and haven’t necessarily been done before, which I’m really excited about! I think it's also really interesting, as Illumicrate also did a very similar theme this month with a different book, to see how two different companies do the themes differently.

So the first thing I pulled out was the gorgeous mushroom spoon (designed by, which gives such amazing cottagecore vibes. Although it is adorable, it doesn’t seem to be the most practical as it is quite shallow and has a weird notch on the bottom, however, I do doubt many people will actually try to use it as one. Personally, I plan to use mine as bookshelf decor and a photo prop, because it is too gorgeous to use for food!

Next, I pulled out the food bag clips (designed by and inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Again, these are really cute and very useful so I’m really happy with them! Then I found the gorgeous photo album (designed by @warickaart) with a cute holographic foiling, I have quite a few of these now from both Fairyloot and illumicrate and appreciate them but I’m not crazy about them purely because I have a lot now! So it isn’t my favourite item, but it is also not a terrible one.

Next came the embroidery kit (designed by @forensicsandflowers) which is based on the book of the month, and I am so excited about this item! I’ve not embroidered since school but recently I’ve got back into the creative spirit, from friendship bracelet making, to blog writing and bullet journalling, so I’m really interested to see how the embroidery goes. I think it is such a good item to include because you take some time to yourself and get something lasting to decorate with!

Then I pulled out the overlay set (designed by @cyt_draws) which is so cute, based on Emily Wilde’s Encyclopaedia of Fairies. I adore overlays, I think that they’re such a cute addition to book boxes, and there are lots of books I would kill for overlays of (The Night Circus, in particular). The only annoyance for me is that I don’t have a hardback of Emily Wilde and therefore, while the overlays are pretty they won't fit my paperback copy. So when I get around to reading it I’m going to have to make a decision on whether to sell my overlays, or just buy a hardback copy (and hopefully by then fairyloot will put their edition in the fairytrove).

Finally, I got to the book. The Forest Grimm by Kathryn Purdie, a beautiful green cover with a depiction of what appears to be little red riding hood and the wolf, which is also on the stencilled edges. I think it is beautiful, especially with the foiling on the hardback - which I’m always a sucker for! I’d not heard of the book before, but it sounds brilliant, a dark forest living, a cursed village, fairytales we know and a brave girl looking for a book of magic.

Overall, as I said previously I think this box does the theme a lot of justice. The book is gorgeous and I’m really excited to read it soon! If I had to choose a standout item (beside the book) I would honestly probably say the embroidery kit is what I’m most excited for because as I said, I’ve recently got back into crafting a lot (thanks to making eras tour bracelets) but the mushroom spoon is so cute so I also love that! I love how practical these items are, even if I may not necessarily use them like the spoon. I genuinely think this may be the best box of the year if not of all time, the theme was executed brilliantly and the book sounds fabulous - fairyloot have really smashed it out of the park!


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